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Thank you for visiting Rahway Electric Motor!

We sell the best and fix the rest!
We offer more than 50,000 electric motors,
thousands of pumps, hundreds of generators,
and countless other products, including fans,
cleaning machines, tools and accessories.

We service everything we sell and much more.
If it moves and involves electricity, we work on it!

As we work to build an e-store that meets your needs,
the best way to get up-to-date information
on the items & services we offer
is to give us a call at 732-388-2829,
e-mail us at contact@rahwayelectricmotor.com,
check out the "Guide" section.

Better yet, stop by for personalized customer care
as we match you up with the right generator,
bring your motor back to life,
or help you with any of the other things that we do best!

Latest News:Check out our extensive list of all the services we provide.
We are constantly expanding to meet the needs of our customers.
Take a look at the "Guide" section for all the products and services we offer!
We are proud to now copy keys, repair generators, offer new brands of motors, generators, fans, and ventilators, and much, much more!

Customize This!
Rahway Electric Motor offers a full line of food-service and washdown-duty motors, many of which comply with the new Federal food sanitary standards.
We can help you replace your current setup with a perfectly compatible, industry-compliant one!
Stainless steel, sterile, pump-duty, farm-duty, washdown-duty, totally enclosed...you name it, we can get it! Call us for customized assistance for all your food-service needs.

Remember us when pool season comes around!

Listen to your motor.
Is your pool pump noisy? If so, it may need new bearings. Noisy bearings don't turn as easily, creating extra strain on a motor and cutting down on its power. Over time, bad bearings can lead to a seized shaft or burnt-out windings...and when these problems hit, it'll be too late to save the motor.
Prevent these costly problems with a bearing & seal job!

Winco Generates Good Sense
We offer a full line of made-in-America Winco generators, including our "Little Dog" W3000H/C  floor model. This hand-held gasoline generator weighs only 68 lbs and brings the power of a 20A household circuit wherever you need it. Perfect for roofing, contracting, camping, yardwork, and all your other portable generating needs.

Proud to be American!

We are proud to be a distributor for several brands of American-made generators, motors, fans, cleaning machines, and power tools. Please call us for customized prices on our latest offerings.